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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 12, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a stunner years in the making, prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife taken away in handcuffs and now facing federal charges. >> i'm innocent of these charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out. >> tonight the man at the center of the investigation speaks out, our live team coverage starts right now. >> thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. investigators found more than 75 grand in cash in mrs. johnson's underwear. >> a check for another 100,000 allegedly flushed down the toilet just moments before federal investigators moved in
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and that's just the beginning of this case. >> our team of reporters covering this one from every angle. we'll start with wisdom martin live in the newsroom with details on how this raid went down. >> the fbi has been watching jack johnson for a long time and a court affidavit states today they caught him red handed taking money from a developer and getting his wife to destroy evidence. now the long time county executive who is at the end of his term as the county's top leader is at the beginning of a battle to stay out of jail. a clearly shaken jack johnson walked out of federal court flanked by his two lawyers proclaiming he is innocent of any wrongdoing. >> to all the citizens of prince george's county that i'velong and i've served you well and most of you know me well. i cannot go into these
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allegations because my lawyers will kill me if i do, but let me say that i'm innocent of these charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> reporter: federal agents had 13 search warrants on various sites and the johnson home today before arresting jack johnson and his wife newly elected council member leslie johnson, but the investigation started in 2006 with allegations of the county exec receiving payoffs for favors from developers. according to court documents, investigators say they tapped his phone from september, 2009 to now and based on what they heard, it confirmed johnson was involved in official corruption and extortion. before investigators went to the house to serve the warrants today they recorded video and audio of jack johnson meeting with a developer at an
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undisclosed location. court documents state the developer gave him $15,000 in return for the county executive using his official influence for the benefit of the developer and his companies. afterward fbi agents entered the room and asked jack johnson about the payment. he told investigators the cash was for a party marking the end of his tenure as county exec and told them he had no further dealings with the developer. the indictment also states once they were done they told johnson he was free to go. investigators then recorded a series of conversations between jack and leslie johnson in which he told her to go upstairs in the bedroom, go to his drawer and get the $100,000 check from the developer and the cash. yes, there is a check in there leslie johnson stated. tear it up. that is the only thing you have to do. leslie then questioned if jack had the cash down in the basement and if he wanted her to move it. jack replied, "put it in your bra and walk out or something. i don't know what to do."
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leslie then asked, "what do you want me to do with the check? " johnson replied tear it up. leslie then said they're saying fbi and asked do you want me to put it down the toilet? johnson replied, "yes, plush that." investigators overheard a flushing toilet in the background. jack then told his wife to put the cash in her underwear. she replied i have it in my bra. the fbi met leslie at the door and after searching her they found nearly $80,000 in cash in her underwear. >> three weeks to go and i am going to put all of my efforts into this defense and to secure the business for the people of prince george's county for the remaining three weeks. i am just -- i can't tell you how strongly i feel about what i'm saying. i know the facts and they will
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be revealed in a manner consistent with what i know to be the truth. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: johnsons are charged with tamping with witnesses and evidence related to the commission of a federal offense, destruction, alteration and falsification of records in a federal investigation and aiding and abetting. under the current charges johnson could face a maximum of 20 years in jail. now the johnsons have been ordered to surrender their passports. they can't make any financial transactions greater than a thousand dollars without court approval. jack johnson has home detention and electronic monitoring. now the johnson's will appear in court again on december 13th. >> we saw jack johnson proclaiming his innocence. what did his wife leslie have to say today? >> she didn't have anything to say. she went out another door. she didn't come out the front door where all the media was gathered. her lawyer came out and only said that she is being released and that she will fight to disprove the allegations and that's it. now the question remains how
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effective is she going to be as a new member of the council while she's fighting this battle. >> sounds like a lot of people in prince george's county will be doing some fighting because prosecutors say this is just the tip of the iceberg. it is an ongoing investigation and they expect more charges, more arrests in the coming weeks and months. the fbi special agent in charge has a warning to those involved. >> our message is clear. if you have information regarding a pay to play scheme in this county or in this state, it is far better for you to talk to us now than for us to come knocking on your door. >> as you just saw, jack johnson is back home tonight but ordered on home detention and electronic monitoring. fox 5's roz plater picks up our team coverage live from his mitchellville neighborhood with the latest. >> reporter: the charges they are charged with stem from what agents say happened here in their mitchellville home today. that home has been pretty quiet the last couple of hours. we've seen some comings and
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goings, a food delivery, a man with a briefcase but for now the johnsons are behind closed doors. county executive jack john sevenned here just before 8:00 tonight -- johnson arrived here just before 8:00 tonight. >> i have made my statement already. >> reporter: mr. johnson, can we just get a word? saying he had already spoken he went inside his home. we believe this is his wife getting out of the other side of the car, the newly elected county council member leslie johnson. she was released on her own recognizance. jack johnson was ordered on home detention with electronic monitoring. the drama began unfolding this morning as agents descended on their home in this mitchellville cul-de-sac, part of more than a dozen search warrants prosecutors say being served both here and at the county government office building. at one point a plumber arrived at the home apparently called by federal investigators. according to the court documents, agents waiting to get into the home heard what appeared to be a toilet flushing and possible evidence
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along with it. by about 5:00 tonight agents wrapped up their search of the home carting out boxes and boxes of items. that leaves the question of who was in charge of the county. the county executive spokesman says if the need arises, howard burnett, deputy chief administrative officer for health and human services, would be in charge. according to the county charter section 410 within 10 days of taking office the county executive designates a person to take over temporarily in case he or she is absent or disabled. that person would have the same powers except for veto. we're still waiting for a call from the county attorney on whether or not this home detention with electronic monitoring constitutes an absence or disability. in the meantime now it is just three weeks until the new county executive is sworn in on december 6th. >> thank you. today's arrest sending shock waves across prince george's county. many residents naturally are stunned by the accusations and these developments.
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tonight some are weighing in on the matter and fox 5's maureen umeh is live in bowie with their story. >> reporter: we've been to several places throughout the county tonight. a lot of people are eager to talk about this situation. we are currently now at the old bowie town grill where there's always chatter going on, tonight no different, a lot of people weighing in, their reaction ranging from anger to shock and sadness. so your reaction when you heard about county executive jack johnson and his wife's arrests? >> surprise, but not completely surprised. >> reporter: why's that? >> well, there's been rumors for quite a while. i mean you just never know until you hear the full story. >> i was very, very surprised and shocked to hear it. i think it's very sad for us as a county, but i'm not passing judgment. i think that we should let it play out in the court of law and whatever happens legally is where it should go and i think as a county we just need to
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band together and regroup and do the things that we need to do to move forward. >> i don't believe that prince george's county should be blamed because of the individuals because prince george's county is not made up of an individual. it's made up of a group of people. so just because one bad apple won't spoil the whole bunch. >> it's not surprising. he is human. it just happens to be that he's in a position of integrity and moraleness. he's probably not the first and won't be the last. >> at first a bit of amusement because it seemed like all this time he's been in office there's always been something out there. now they did their investigation and they got the proof this time. we'll see what happens to him. >> we read sherlock holmes and it unraveled like a novel. >> do i believe that you're innocent until proven guilty? yes unless the fbi is running in your house. i mean once the fbi is running
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your house, it's pretty much a done deal. >> reporter: now many say even though it doesn't look good for the johnson's they'll reserve passing judgment until everything plays out in court. now they're saying the ultimate line is they hope the county can recover from this devastating blow. >> martin o'malley also weighing in, the governor of maryland releasing a statement about the arrest that reads, "this is a sad day for prince george's county and for county executive johnson and his family. it's important that all of us who worked together to move the county forward renew our efforts and continue on our path of progress even in difficult times." our coverage of jack and leslie johnson's arrest continues now on you will find everything you need to know about this story all in one place including the criminal complaint. we're staying on top of several other big stories tonight. they're all the rage on college campuses across the country, but one local family says their loved one's death should be a somber reminder of just how
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concerns surrounding new alcoholic energy drinks like this one. it's called four loko and as you can see, it is not your standard size can. it's much larger than the average size can. well, tonight a maryland family believes this drink led to the degrees of their 21-year-old daughter. fox 5's john henrehan has the story from the eastern shore. >> reporter: a week ago 21-year- old courtney spurry attended a party at an acquaintance's house on the eastern shore of maryland. friends have told her parents that the short and slim young woman drank two 23-ounce cans of a product called four loko which is a combination of caffiene and alcohol, a lot of alcohol, 12% alcohol by volume, a far higher percentage than most brewed beverages. courtney started behaving erratically at the party even though friends took away her car keys, she grabbed the keys to another vehicle and took off in someone's pickup truck. how odd was her behavior before she took off? >> she did not know none of her friends' names. she was calling them by
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different names. she was wanting to fight. she was not courtney by no, no, no means at all. >> reporter: mrs. spurry grew so concerned she got in her car and started searching for her daughter in the early hours of saturday morning. she found courtney driving erratically on route 33 just outside of easton. courtney smashed the pickup truck through a utility pole. sherry spurry approached the mangled pickup truck but couldn't find her daughter. courtney was ejected from the vehicle. her mom found courtney spurry lying in the middle of the highway. >> she had broken legs, blood coming out of her face, broken arms, head and just gurgling. >> reporter: courtney died the next day in a baltimore hospital. critics of beverages like four loko which include maryland attorney general question the wisdom of putting caffiene and alcohol in the same drink wondering if the combination of ingredients excessively impairs the judgment of drinkers.
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>> it's like putting a brake on your car and putting the foot on the accelerator at the same time and that's what this drink's doing to people. >> reporter: the fusion company which makes four loko expressed sympathy to the family, but pointed out their cans prominently display ingredients including caffiene and in large type display the significant volume of alcohol. several universities have banned the sale of caffeinated alcoholic beverages and a few states have done so, although not maryland. the spurries will bury their daughter wednesday. in talbot county, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> as john mentioned, some states are so concerned about alcoholic energy drinks they are banning them from store shelves. just this week washington state banned the drinks following in the footsteps of michigan, utah and oklahoma. in fact, we want to talk to washington state attorney general rob mcken that. he's working with other attorneys general to -- mckenna. he's working with other attorneys general to get action
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on these drinks. he's with us by phone. you led the charge banning the sale of the drink. how can you ban something that's legal? >> because the liquor control board of our state and the liquor control authorities of most states also have the power to regulate liquor from a safety and health point of view. for example, in most states pure grain alcohol is illegal. it cannot be sold in washington state and in those other states because grain alcohol is 200 proof. it's 100% alcohol. it's just deemed to be too dangerous. so we have the authority in the state on a health and safety basis and that's exactly the basis that we're asking the food and drug administration to act on at the federal level. >> red bull and vodka is still legal in your state. how's that different? >> for two reasons. no. 1, because red bull and vodka are not sold in the same container. so people drinking vodka know how much vodka they're drinking. they might chase it with a red bull, but what we've noticed is a series of extremely tragic
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incidents and mass poisoning incidents across the country involving caffeinated alcoholic drinks like four loko. we haven't seen those kinds of mass poisonings when we're talking about someone drinking vodka and then drinking red bull, not that there isn't an abuse or there can't be problems. there certainly can be, but this product 24 ounces of alcohol equivalent to about a six pack of beer or an entire bottle of wine plus the caffiene equivalent of about three cans of red bull all in one 24-ounce container sold for 2 1/2 dollars and marketed in bright colors and fruit flavors clearly aiming at young drinkers is clearly producing dangerous results like nothing we've seen before with caffiene and alcohol. >> what is your ultimate goal here? are you trying to get this banned on the federal level and banned from the country, period? >> you know, it's going to be up to the food and drug administration to use their judgment as the regulators of and beverage safety. we're certainly seeing enough to alarm us and make us think
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as attorneys general that these products ought to be banned, but it will be up to the food and drug administration. that's why they have the authority under the food, drug and cosmetics act to try to keep us safe in terms of what we consume. >> washington state attorney general rob mckenna, we thank you for your time. fox 5 asked fusion to comment in all of this. in an e-mail a spokesman says, "people have safely mixed to consume alcohol and caffiene products for years. four loko has roughly the same alcohol content as some craft beers, wine and far less alcohol by volume than hard liquor. a can of one of our products four loko has roughly the same amount of caffiene as a tall starbucks coffee. we're disappointed by recent calls to ban our products." a sad end to the search for a missing north carolina girl. police found the remains of 10- year-old donna baker missing since early october. investigators say a bone found in the same area where baker's prosthetic leg was recovered late last month matched the
10:21 pm
child's dna. her stepmother is in jail charged with obstruction of justice for writing a bogus ransom note but has not been charged in the death. new charges against an accused serial stabber. a judge ordered elias abuelazam to stand trial for the attempted murder of a michigan man. the man testified abuelazam attacked him in flint in july. police say abuelazam went on a crime spree last summer stabbing 14 people, five of them fatally. abuelazam is already charged with three murders and five attempted murders. just days until congress returns to capitol hill and democrats have one last shot to get their legislation through. the big question, just how much will they be able to get through before republicans take over? we'll break it down next.
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, h
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congress returns to washington monday for the start of its lame duck session. now democrats still have the majority and they're expected to try and move forward on a number of issues. the question is how much will they actually be able to accomplish?
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>> when you have the willing party, the democrats, who have lost big in this midterm election, they do not really have the credibility or the power to pass a lot of legislation. they even are going to have difficulty holding their own democrats in line. >> on the republican side house leadership has been virtually locked down. national committee chair michael steele's future is now in question. his first challenger has already stepped forward, former chairman of the michigan republican party. president obama wrapping up his trip to asia with a speech at the g-20 summit in south korea, topping the a agenda currency and trade policies. the -- the a agenda currency and trade policies. the president was unsuccessful in persuading world leaders to push china into boosting the value of its currency calling it an irritant for trading partners. >> emerging economies need to allow for currencies that are market driven.
10:26 pm
this is something i raised yesterday with the president of china and we will continue to closely watch the appreciation of china's currency. all of us need to avoid action that perpetuate imbalances and give countries an undue advantage over one or another. >> many world leaders worry currency wars and trade barriers could send the world back into a global recession. jack johnson led out of his home in handcuffs. a former federal prosecutor joins us live to break down the indictment coming up next.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. back to our big story tonight, prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife arrested at their home today. agents think leslie johnson flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet and tried to hide nearly $80,000 in cash in her underwear after investigators knocked on the couple's door. now she was just elected to the county council. jack johnson has three weeks left in his term as county
10:30 pm
executive. >> they're charged with witness and evidence tampering and destruction, alteration and falsification of records in a federal investigation. joining us to talk about the charges against the johnsons is former federal prosecutor robert pontiff. it sounds to me like the u.s. attorneys office didn't want to bring this case today, but the johnson's sort of forced their hand according to this affidavit by hiding evidence and doing other things. does that compromise the rest of this two year investigation and other people that may be arrested? >> it's hard to say at this point. the affidavit indicates there's been a wiretap in place for a substantial period of time. if that wiretap is captured every conversation -- has captured every conversation that mr. johnson was engaged in or most of them, there's a lot of people out there that will be very nervous wondering how their conversations whether legitimate or otherwise will be interpreted. it's going take a while for that to sort itself out and the investigators to figure out what to do. >> we heard the investigators say in the press conference
10:31 pm
today that anyone out there with information about this needs to call us. how widespread do you think this may be when this eventually all plays out? >> it's hard to say. i think they'll play mind games with people trying to make people nervous. it's a legitimate tactic on their part and it's going to work with some people. it's hard to say how widespread this will be. >> is this really that murky of a line where you give a political donation to a candidate. i think ostensibly hoping to get some sort of favorable action in return versus bribery which is outright getting something for, something how murky is that line and how easy is it to cross? >> well, it's very murky and a lot of it has to do with how you view another person's intentions and sometimes it's not possible to know that for certain. in this case it mayor very well be that mr. john -- may very well be that mr. johnson will take the position that any exchange of money was not a
10:32 pm
quid pro quo but rather in the ordinary course of what constitutes normal political contributions. one of the things i think is important to remember is the government gets the opportunity first on frame these issues. a lot of what they say at a the beginning does not always shake out to be at the end what they said at the beginning. so this is a process where you've got to have a fight on both sides to really sort out what's real and what's not. >> i think a lot of people right now in prince george's county are stunned and they're wondering, you know, what's next. from the federal prosecutor's side where are they going next with this case? >> well, they're going to be talking to a lot of people and they're going to be trying to convince people to cooperate if they think that they have information of wrong doing and how they sort that out and whether they -- what kind of pressure they put on people. it's a difficult process and the process doesn't always produce reliable information. people under pressure will do a lot of things.
10:33 pm
sometimes they'll cooperate and testify truthfully. sometimes they will say what it is they need to say in order to gain some advantage for themselves. >> so we could be what, months, years from seeing an end to this one? >> i think it's a number of months before this thing shakes out. >> a hectic holiday season for some in prince george's county for sure. thank you, sir. we appreciate your time tonight. we want to give you more about jack johnson's history and how he got to where he is today as counties executive. fox 5's laura evans is down in the newsroom with that part of the story. >> on his bioon the prince george's county website it says as state's attorney jack johnson inherited a police force faced with a series of excessive force allegations. it says his message to the department was loud and clear, no one is above the law. jack johnson was elected to the prince george's county executive seat in 2002. >> we cannot go back and we will not go back. >> he made history shortly after the election for increasing the county's budget
10:34 pm
by more than $1 billion. his focus, education and public safety. he increased school funding by more than $100 million is responsible for building the largest police force in the county's history. before being elected to county executive, he was state's attorney from 1987 to 1994. johnson graduated from howard university law school in 1975. after that he went to work for the irs as a senior attorney and then went on to become an associate professor of tax law at the north carolina central university from 1984 to 1987. a little more now from johnson's bio on the county government website. it says johnson embraces his father's rule of standing up for what is right and wrong. live in faith. do good deeds and make a difference in the community. you'll find more on his history and today's indictment on our website, if you are relying on metro
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to get around this weekend, prepare for delays. maintenance work is scheduled on the red, orange, yellow and blue lines. give yourself an extra 30 minutes of travel time starting tonight. metro is upgrading platforms, rail bridges and installing new cross ties and tracks. you'll also run into a detour if you're driving around national mall this weekend. parts of ohio drive will be closed in about 30 minutes from now at 11:00 tonight. the road will be closed from the theodore roosevelt bridge to independence avenue. crews are finishing the asphalt and markings. the road will reopen 5 a.m. monday. we're three days from the redskins big monday night match- up against the philadelphia eagles, but the big topic of conversation, still the rocky relationship between mike shanahan and donovan mcnabb. can be it mended? dave ross and wisdom martin discuss it in this edition of off the wall. >> this week we're talking
10:36 pm
redskins, eagles and the damage between mcnabb and coach shanahan. is it too far gone to repair? >> oh, boy, is it? it's close. i'll say that. i've been out there all week and i tell you you can feel it, that there's something there. donovan is donovan. he's going to say all the right things, which he does, and he basically says kyle and i have had our talks which means there was something to talk about. they have something to talk about. >> of course. >> i think this is the most important game. i said detroit was because what happened in detroit, it led to what's going to happen monday night. this thing could really go south. you've seen the titanic in other nfl teams. if things go bad monday night, it could sink. i'm not saying it's irreparable. i'm saying it's close. >> i'm saying it's done, it's over. all that stuff that's done to mcnabb, this guy is a free agent and after this year there's no respect there. there's no love. >> what if they win, my man? >> this is in the back of both minds and at end of the year
10:37 pm
done. >> really? >> unless playoff super bowl nfc championship, done. >> if this thing blows up, my man, i will totally agree, but you know what? winning cures all. that's it for this edition of off the wall. see you tomorrow night, everybody. >> and remember to watch the eagles and skins on my 20 monday night beginning at 8:30 and following the game stay tuned for the nissan postgame show with dave feldman, lindsay murphy and doc walker. the post office could soon be hanging the out of business sign. the eye popping amount of money the agency lost last year is coming up next. but first that thanksgiving feast going to set you back more money this year than last. fox's neil cavuto has the details in tonight's business report. >> turkey prices hitting an all time high up nearly 30% since just last year, feed prices soaring, so you're paying more to feed yourself.
10:38 pm
big news for news week, 77-year- old magazine merging with the 2- year-old daily beast website. tina brown will be editor and chief of the organization. the dow shed 90 points today, 250 points on the week. it is still, though, up about 7% on the year. j.c. penney's profits soaring 63% in the latest quarter. penney's is expecting a very strong holiday season. the wendy's arby's group losing a million bucks last quarter, sales also falling. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. the money troubles even worse than expected for the post office. the agency lost 8 1/2 billion
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dollars. that's as much as 2 1/2 billion dollars more than anticipated. the post office has already made several cutbacks over the past few years including slashing more than 100,000 jobs. both the internet and the recession are adding to the troubles. the bush tax cuts are one of the big topics on fox news sunday this weekend. earlier i spoke with chris wallace about what he has lined up for sunday morning. chris, who's going to be on the show this weekend? >> we'll be talking first to the president's senior advisor david axelrod who got himself in a bit of hot water this week by committing what they call a gaffe in washington which means he accidentally told the truth and that is that the president will make a compromise on extending the bush tax cuts, probably a temporary extension of not only the cuts to the middle class, but also to the wealthy. we'll talk to him. we'll also talk to the man known as senator tea party republican senator jim demint who has been making waves not only for democrats but also the gop establishment.
10:43 pm
he wants to cut out all earmarks in the next congress and our power play of the week is the actor and oscar winning jeff bridges who was in town this week pushing for an end to childhood hunger by the year 2015. >> thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you 9 a.m. sunday morning right here on fox 5. coming up next on the news edge all over the big story of the day, the prince george's county executive and his wife arrested, accusations of corruption, money stuffed into underwear and a check worth 100 grand flushed down the toilet. the latest on the investigation. plus a hat clinton portis wore yesterday had a lot of skins fans angry, what the running back did to make up for it today at 11:00.
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we have a health alert tonight from the centers for disease control. the medical experts are recommending changes to the current flu vaccination change schedule. they include giving children under the age of 9 two flu vaccines this year if they did not get a swine flu vaccine
10:47 pm
this year. younger kid don't respond as effectively, so two shots will make sure they are covered doctors say. san francisco's mayor has vetoed legislation that would ban toys from childrens fast food meals. there was a measure for meals that don't meet nutritional guidelines. the mayor gavin newsom said the city has overstepped its boundaries. >> doing these type of toy bans is inappropriate. i don't think it's particularly effective and i just think goes way too far in inserting government to try to be the decisionmaker in someone's life as opposed to parents which are better positioned in that role. >> although the mayor vetoed the bill the board has enough votes to override him. the new rules go into effect in december, 2011. a pretty nice week this week and looks like it's cruising into the weekend, which is all we really want. >> yes, yes. >> you get your wish because that's what's happening, thank
10:48 pm
goodness. it's like the sixth day in a row of beautiful weather and i say let's make it eight days. >> go for it! >> next two days just wave our magic weather wand and badabing. that's what you have out there. it's gorgeous out tonight but pretty cold. temperatures today warmed up nicely. we managed up to 66 degrees for a brief time there at reagan national, dulles a little cooler but still nice and comfortable at 63. bwi marshall a high of 66 as well. still nice and mild for the eastern section of the united states, but some cold weather has come on down into the east in the central plains, too, wichita's high today only 44, omaha 39 degrees and denver today 44 degrees, very cold out there tonight. just east of the rockies they'll be down into the teens. so that's where the cold stuff is, at least relative to the high temperatures. it's cold out there now, 46 in the city.
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look at frederick, freezing there, 30 degrees, dulles 36, manassas cold, too below freezing 30 as well, fredericksburg, 38, culpeper 34, tonight numbers easily down into the 20sous the district, though. in the district we'll -- outside the district, though. in the district we'll stay mid- to upper 30s. this is why it's been so nice the last several days. high pressure up and down the east coast and it's pretty strong, too. it's keeping all this unsettled weather back out to the west at bay and notice this frontal boundary, waves of low pressure riding along that boundary. there's a lot rain, thunderstorms, too coming out of texas into arkansas, wrapping up into the colder air and some pretty good snow is flying now especially into western sections of iowa down in the eastern parts of kansas and nebraska and those are thunderstorms wrapping into snow there in northwestern sections of iowa in the colder air. so it's putting down some good
10:50 pm
appears of snow. it was snowing in amaryl -- amounts of snow. it was snowing in amarillo this morning. they picked up as much as 2 to 3 inches in the grassy areas there. it's going to take a while for this to come on across and we are protected by high pressure for the weekend. so it means this nice weather run continues. two 65's tomorrow and for sunday. the only thing we see on sunday, a little bit more in the way of afternoon and evening cloudiness. we'll stay dry and i don't think we'll lose much sunshine, but just keep in mind we will have more cloudiness late sunday. tonight, though, no clouds, staying clear, very cold out in the suburbs, more freezing conditions there, temperatures well below 32. i just showed you some sections already below 32. we're talking about 37 here in town. tomorrow bright, sunny, blue skies. we start off chilly, temperature makes it up to about 65 degrees for a high. very, very dry atmosphere. it's cold at night, warms up under sunshine in the afternoon, kind of like the
10:51 pm
desert. we start off 41 at 8 a.m., 60 degrees by lunchtime tomorrow and 62 at 5:00 and we'll have a little bit of a breeze, maybe 5, 6, 7 miles per hour out there tomorrow. so it's going to be real nice and it's going to be good all weekend. there's a chance on sunday -- i'm sorry, not sunday, monday late in the day, late in the evening actually we could have a couple light showers or sprinkles, maybe a 4th quarter shower for monday night football. of course, the redskins play the eagles and i think for the most part fedex will stay dry but keep in mind we could have a late shower monday night and we will have rain tuesday. that's our next best chance to get the rain in here, but i don't see any real cold stuff coming for quite a while. enjoy the weekend. >> perfect for the honey do list. >> i'm sure you have a long one by now. there are some new millionaires in michigan tonight, the winners of two recent $100 million plus lotto
10:52 pm
jackpots have just come forward. one man claimed his mega millions ticket win worth 140 million bucks. another says he bought his $120 million powerball ticket at a porn shop. he claimed the prize on behalf of a group of people, many of whom i guess want to remain anonymous. >> we're going to keep doing what we've always done. like i told my family, everything has changed, but nothing has changed. i think i'll get over it. i buy my tickets. i'm like -- i bought tickets all my life, never won a whole big amount, but i'm here to represent the lottery. they do good work. >> a lotto spokesman says this is the first time ever that a single state had a powerball and mega millions jackpot win so close together. >> obscenely rich. the hottest ticket in town tonight, our fox 5 high school game of the week. >> looking for a big win
10:53 pm
matching up for the first round of the playoffs. >> as the reigning champions, lifoneer hoped to remain -- ligoner hoped to remain strong against damascus. quarterback connor frazier hooking up with joel ross. frazier connects on 10 of 12 passes in the half. it is 7-0 damascus. 2nd quarter frazier hands off to malcomb pugh. he is in, add another seven points. damascus led 14-0 at the break. we go to the third quarter now. looking for a big play and duane randall breaks free and this long run sets up a 4th and goal but the lancers get stuck by the damascus defense. 4th quarter mark o'hara scores
10:54 pm
on a 15-yard touchdown run, the hornets dominating the game 21 -0. in the 4th it's now 21-7, ligonor trying to get closer, but brandon self intersects and bursts the bubble. damascus moves on to the next round. after the game coach wallace was very impressed with his team's defensive effort. >> they played huge. it was so loud tonight it was hard to here honest honestly. we had some confusion, put ourselves in some holes. defense played great and can't say enough about them. >> keep an eye out on our website over the next couple days we'll have next week's game of the week's match-ups posted as soon as all the playoff results are. in. facebook not just for humans anymore. pet pages are popping up all over the social networking site. is it cute or is this just plain creepy? and it's been free for years, but all that could be about to change. the proposal that could have you paying to hit the museum around this area. we're talking about the
10:55 pm
smithsonian here. it's a budget issue and the tourists will pay, too all that at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home and cable doesn't? yes. -i read that. -i do know that. yes, but there's a contract. at verizon they want you to have a two year contract. i've got commitment issues. no one likes to be tied down. [ man ] so if they didn't lock you into a term contract you'd consider switching? -oh, absolutely. -definitely. it's a no-brainer. [ man ] because now, with verizon fios, you don't have to sign a term contract. -really? -that's terrific!
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here's a weird question. how many of your facebook friends aren't human? pet owners are logging onto social networking sites pretending to be their four legged friends. some people say it's cute. others say it's creepy. we'll hear more about this new trend. ♪ you've got a friend in me friends. >> reporter: when he's not sleeping or slobbering english mastiff dozer is apparently updating. dozer's owner christy howard recently helped the dog create his own facebook page complete with photos and even video. >> it's really hard to be him and he lets people know he gives advice to dogs that will
10:59 pm
write in and he's got friends that he has full conversations with and i really think that they think that they're talking to a dog it. >> reporter: dozer's updates include when is it going to cool down? this heat just makes me want to sleep. wait, that's all i ever do and look how easy i am making it for my mom to slip me some dinner dozer is a big dog with an even bigger personality and he's inspired other dogs and cats to join facebook including his friend brutus, another mastiff whose two-legged companion is allowing him to befriend other like minded animals across the globe. >> maybe he thinks he's not getting enough treats or enough time at the dog park. he's saying he needs a sister. >> reporter: in the few months they've been on facebook dozer and brutus have made more than 1,300 friends, far more than their owners expected. >> he's got a lot of friends that i don't have. so he's catching up with me. >> reporter: howard says as lo


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